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Key Modifiers

Include files


The following key modifier constants are defined:

    enum wxKeyModifier
        wxMOD_NONE      = 0x0000,
        wxMOD_ALT       = 0x0001,
        wxMOD_CONTROL   = 0x0002,
        wxMOD_ALTGR     = wxMOD_ALT | wxMOD_CONTROL,
        wxMOD_SHIFT     = 0x0004,
        wxMOD_META      = 0x0008,
    #if defined(__WXMAC__) || defined(__WXCOCOA__)
        wxMOD_CMD       = wxMOD_META,
        wxMOD_CMD       = wxMOD_CONTROL,
        wxMOD_ALL       = 0xffff

Notice that wxMOD_CMD should be used instead of wxMOD_CONTROL in portable code to account for the fact that although CONTROL modifier exists under Mac OS, it is not used for the same purpose as under Windows or Unix there while the special Mac-specific COMMAND modifier is used in exactly the same way.