Standard C Math

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abs absolute value
acos arc cosine
asin arc sine
atan arc tangent
atan2 arc tangent, using signs to determine quadrants
ceil the smallest integer not less than a certain value
cos cosine
cosh hyperbolic cosine
div returns the quotient and remainder of a division
exp returns "e" raised to a given power
fabs absolute value for floating-point numbers
floor returns the largest integer not greater than a given value
fmod returns the remainder of a division
frexp decomposes a number into scientific notation
labs absolute value for long integers
ldexp computes a number in scientific notation
ldiv returns the quotient and remainder of a division, in long integer form
log natural logarithm (to base e)
log10 common logarithm (to base 10)
modf decomposes a number into integer and fractional parts
pow returns a given number raised to another number
sin sine
sinh hyperbolic sine
sqrt square root
tan tangent
tanh hyperbolic tangent