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Stock items

Window IDs for which stock buttons and menu items are created (see wxButton constructor and wxMenuItem constructor):

Stock ID Stock label
wxID_ABOUT "&About"
wxID_ADD "Add"
wxID_APPLY "&Apply"
wxID_BOLD "&Bold"
wxID_CANCEL "&Cancel"
wxID_CLEAR "&Clear"
wxID_CLOSE "&Close"
wxID_COPY "&Copy"
wxID_CUT "Cu&t"
wxID_DELETE "&Delete"
wxID_EDIT "&Edit"
wxID_FIND "&Find"
wxID_FILE "&File"
wxID_REPLACE "Find and rep&lace"
wxID_DOWN "&Down"
wxID_FORWARD "&Forward"
wxID_UP "&Up"
wxID_HELP "&Help"
wxID_HOME "&Home"
wxID_INDENT "Indent"
wxID_INDEX "&Index"
wxID_ITALIC "&Italic"
wxID_JUSTIFY_FILL "Justified"
wxID_JUSTIFY_LEFT "Align Left"
wxID_JUSTIFY_RIGHT "Align Right"
wxID_NEW "&New"
wxID_NO "&No"
wxID_OK "&OK"
wxID_OPEN "&Open"
wxID_PASTE "&Paste"
wxID_PREFERENCES "&Preferences"
wxID_PRINT "&Print"
wxID_PREVIEW "Print previe&w"
wxID_PROPERTIES "&Properties"
wxID_EXIT "&Quit"
wxID_REDO "&Redo"
wxID_REFRESH "Refresh"
wxID_REMOVE "Remove"
wxID_REVERT_TO_SAVED "Revert to Saved"
wxID_SAVE "&Save"
wxID_SAVEAS "Save &As..."
wxID_SELECTALL "Select all"
wxID_STOP "&Stop"
wxID_UNDELETE "Undelete"
wxID_UNDERLINE "&Underline"
wxID_UNDO "&Undo"
wxID_UNINDENT "&Unindent"
wxID_YES "&Yes"
wxID_ZOOM_100 "&Actual Size"
wxID_ZOOM_FIT "Zoom to &Fit"
wxID_ZOOM_IN "Zoom &In"
wxID_ZOOM_OUT "Zoom &Out"

Note that some of the IDs listed above have also a stock accelerator and an help string associated.