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Classes by category

A classification of wxWidgets classes by category.

Managed windows

There are several types of window that are directly controlled by the window manager (such as MS Windows, or the Motif Window Manager). Frames and dialogs are similar in wxWidgets, but only dialogs may be modal.

wxTopLevelWindow Any top level window, dialog or frame
wxDialog Dialog box
wxFrame Normal frame
wxMDIChildFrame MDI child frame
wxMDIParentFrame MDI parent frame
wxMiniFrame A frame with a small title bar
wxPropertySheetDialog Property sheet dialog
wxSplashScreen Splash screen class
wxTipWindow Shows text in a small window
wxWizard A wizard dialog

See also Common dialogs.

Miscellaneous windows

The following are a variety of classes that are derived from wxWindow.

wxPanel A window whose colour changes according to current user settings
wxScrolledWindow Window with automatically managed scrollbars
wxGrid A grid (table) window
wxSplitterWindow Window which can be split vertically or horizontally
wxStatusBar Implements the status bar on a frame
wxToolBar Toolbar class
wxNotebook Notebook class
wxListbook Similar to notebook but using list control
wxChoicebook Similar to notebook but using choice control
wxTreebook Similar to notebook but using tree control
wxSashWindow Window with four optional sashes that can be dragged
wxSashLayoutWindow Window that can be involved in an IDE-like layout arrangement
wxVScrolledWindow As wxScrolledWindow but supports lines of variable height
wxWizardPage A base class for the page in wizard dialog.
wxWizardPageSimple A page in wizard dialog.

Common dialogs


Common dialogs are ready-made dialog classes which are frequently used in an application.

wxDialog Base class for common dialogs
wxColourDialog Colour chooser dialog
wxDirDialog Directory selector dialog
wxFileDialog File selector dialog
wxFindReplaceDialog Text search/replace dialog
wxMultiChoiceDialog Dialog to get one or more selections from a list
wxSingleChoiceDialog Dialog to get a single selection from a list and return the string
wxTextEntryDialog Dialog to get a single line of text from the user
wxPasswordEntryDialog Dialog to get a password from the user
wxFontDialog Font chooser dialog
wxPageSetupDialog Standard page setup dialog
wxPrintDialog Standard print dialog
wxProgressDialog Progress indication dialog
wxMessageDialog Simple message box dialog
wxSymbolPickerDialog Symbol selector dialog
wxRichTextFormattingDialog A dialog for formatting the content of a wxRichTextCtrl
wxWizard A wizard dialog.


Typically, these are small windows which provide interaction with the user. Controls that are not static can have validators associated with them.

wxAnimationCtrl A control to display an animation
wxControl The base class for controls
wxButton Push button control, displaying text
wxBitmapButton Push button control, displaying a bitmap
wxBitmapComboBox A combobox with bitmaps next to text items
wxToggleButton A button which stays pressed when clicked by user.
wxCalendarCtrl Control showing an entire calendar month
wxCheckBox Checkbox control
wxCheckListBox A listbox with a checkbox to the left of each item
wxChoice Choice control (a combobox without the editable area)
wxComboBox A choice with an editable area
wxComboCtrl A combobox with application defined popup
wxDataViewCtrl A control to tabular or tree like data
wxGauge A control to represent a varying quantity, such as time remaining
wxGenericDirCtrl A control for displaying a directory tree
wxHtmlListBox An abstract class for creating listboxes showing HTML content
wxSimpleHtmlListBox A listbox showing HTML content
wxStaticBox A static, or group box for visually grouping related controls
wxListBox A list of strings for single or multiple selection
wxListCtrl A control for displaying lists of strings and/or icons, plus a multicolumn report view
wxListView A simpler interface (façade) for wxListCtrl in report mode
wxOwnerDrawnComboBox A combobox with owner-drawn list items
wxRichTextCtrl Generic rich text editing control
wxTextCtrl Single or multiline text editing control
wxTreeCtrl Tree (hierarchy) control
wxScrollBar Scrollbar control
wxSpinButton A spin or 'up-down' control
wxSpinCtrl A spin control - i.e. spin button and text control
wxStaticText One or more lines of non-editable text
wxHyperlinkCtrl A static text which opens an URL when clicked
wxStaticBitmap A control to display a bitmap
wxRadioBox A group of radio buttons
wxRadioButton A round button to be used with others in a mutually exclusive way
wxSlider A slider that can be dragged by the user
wxVListBox A listbox supporting variable height rows

Miscellaneous pickers

A picker control is a control whose appearance and behaviour is highly platform-dependent.

wxColourPickerCtrl A control which allows the user to choose a colour
wxDirPickerCtrl A control which allows the user to choose a directory
wxFilePickerCtrl A control which allows the user to choose a file
wxFontPickerCtrl A control which allows the user to choose a font
wxDatePickerCtrl Small date picker control


wxMenu Displays a series of menu items for selection
wxMenuBar Contains a series of menus for use with a frame
wxMenuItem Represents a single menu item

wxAUI - advanced user interface

This is a new set of classes for writing a customizable application interface with built-in docking, floatable panes and a flexible MDI-like interface. Further classes for custom notebooks with draggable tabs etc. are in progress. See also wxAUI overview.

wxAuiManager The central class for managing the interface
wxAuiNotebook A replacement notebook class with extra features
wxAuiPaneInfo Describes a single pane
wxAuiDockArt Art and metrics provider for customizing the docking user interface
wxAuiTabArt Art and metrics provider for customizing the notebook user interface

Window layout

There are two different systems for laying out windows (and dialogs in particular). One is based upon so-called sizers and it requires less typing, thinking and calculating and will in almost all cases produce dialogs looking equally well on all platforms, the other is based on so-called constraints and is deprecated, though still available.

Sizer overview describes sizer-based layout.

These are the classes relevant to sizer-based layout.

wxSizer Abstract base class
wxGridSizer A sizer for laying out windows in a grid with all fields having the same size
wxFlexGridSizer A sizer for laying out windows in a flexible grid
wxGridBagSizer Another grid sizer that lets you specify the cell an item is in, and items can span rows and/or columns.
wxBoxSizer A sizer for laying out windows in a row or column
wxStaticBoxSizer Same as wxBoxSizer, but with a surrounding static box

Constraints overview describes constraints-based layout.

These are the classes relevant to constraints-based window layout.

wxIndividualLayoutConstraint Represents a single constraint dimension
wxLayoutConstraints Represents the constraints for a window class

Device contexts


Device contexts are surfaces that may be drawn on, and provide an abstraction that allows parameterisation of your drawing code by passing different device contexts.

wxAutoBufferedPaintDC A helper device context for double buffered drawing inside OnPaint.
wxBufferedDC A helper device context for double buffered drawing.
wxBufferedPaintDC A helper device context for double buffered drawing inside OnPaint.
wxClientDC A device context to access the client area outside OnPaint events
wxPaintDC A device context to access the client area inside OnPaint events
wxWindowDC A device context to access the non-client area
wxScreenDC A device context to access the entire screen
wxDC The device context base class
wxMemoryDC A device context for drawing into bitmaps
wxMetafileDC A device context for drawing into metafiles
wxMirrorDC A proxy device context allowing for simple mirroring.
wxPostScriptDC A device context for drawing into PostScript files
wxPrinterDC A device context for drawing to printers

Graphics device interface

Bitmaps overview

These classes are related to drawing on device contexts and windows.

wxColour Represents the red, blue and green elements of a colour
wxDCClipper Wraps the operations of setting and destroying the clipping region
wxBitmap Represents a bitmap
wxBrush Used for filling areas on a device context
wxBrushList The list of previously-created brushes
wxCursor A small, transparent bitmap representing the cursor
wxFont Represents fonts
wxFontList The list of previously-created fonts
wxIcon A small, transparent bitmap for assigning to frames and drawing on device contexts
wxImage A platform-independent image class
wxImageList A list of images, used with some controls
wxMask Represents a mask to be used with a bitmap for transparent drawing
wxPen Used for drawing lines on a device context
wxPenList The list of previously-created pens
wxPalette Represents a table of indices into RGB values
wxRegion Represents a simple or complex region on a window or device context
wxRendererNative Abstracts high-level drawing primitives



An event object contains information about a specific event. Event handlers (usually member functions) have a single, event argument.

wxActivateEvent A window or application activation event
wxCalendarEvent Used with wxCalendarCtrl
wxCalculateLayoutEvent Used to calculate window layout
wxChildFocusEvent A child window focus event
wxClipboardTextEvent A clipboard copy/cut/paste treebook event event
wxCloseEvent A close window or end session event
wxCommandEvent An event from a variety of standard controls
wxContextMenuEvent An event generated when the user issues a context menu command
wxDateEvent Used with wxDatePickerCtrl
wxDialUpEvent Event send by wxDialUpManager
wxDropFilesEvent A drop files event
wxEraseEvent An erase background event
wxEvent The event base class
wxFindDialogEvent Event sent by wxFindReplaceDialog
wxFocusEvent A window focus event
wxKeyEvent A keypress event
wxIconizeEvent An iconize/restore event
wxIdleEvent An idle event
wxInitDialogEvent A dialog initialisation event
wxJoystickEvent A joystick event
wxListEvent A list control event
wxMaximizeEvent A maximize event
wxMenuEvent A menu event
wxMouseCaptureChangedEvent A mouse capture changed event
wxMouseCaptureLostEvent A mouse capture lost event
wxMouseEvent A mouse event
wxMoveEvent A move event
wxNotebookEvent A notebook control event
wxNotifyEvent A notification event, which can be vetoed
wxPaintEvent A paint event
wxProcessEvent A process ending event
wxQueryLayoutInfoEvent Used to query layout information
wxRichTextEvent A rich text editing event
wxScrollEvent A scroll event from sliders, stand-alone scrollbars and spin buttons
wxScrollWinEvent A scroll event from scrolled windows
wxSizeEvent A size event
wxSocketEvent A socket event
wxSpinEvent An event from wxSpinButton
wxSplitterEvent An event from wxSplitterWindow
wxSysColourChangedEvent A system colour change event
wxTimerEvent A timer expiration event
wxTreebookEvent A treebook control event
wxTreeEvent A tree control event
wxUpdateUIEvent A user interface update event
wxWindowCreateEvent A window creation event
wxWindowDestroyEvent A window destruction event
wxWizardEvent A wizard event



These are the window validators, used for filtering and validating user input.

wxValidator Base validator class
wxTextValidator Text control validator class
wxGenericValidator Generic control validator class

Data structures

These are the data structure classes supported by wxWidgets.

wxCmdLineParser Command line parser class
wxDateSpan A logical time interval.
wxDateTime A class for date/time manipulations
wxArray A dynamic array implementation
wxArrayString An efficient container for storing wxString objects
wxHashMap A simple hash map implementation
wxHashSet A simple hash set implementation
wxHashTable A simple hash table implementation (deprecated, use wxHashMap)
wxList A simple linked list implementation
wxLongLong A portable 64 bit integer type
wxNode Represents a node in the wxList implementation
wxObject The root class for most wxWidgets classes
wxPathList A class to help search multiple paths
wxPoint Representation of a point
wxRect A class representing a rectangle
wxRegEx Regular expression support
wxRegion A class representing a region
wxString A string class
wxStringTokenizer A class for interpreting a string as a list of tokens or words
wxRealPoint Representation of a point using floating point numbers
wxSize Representation of a size
wxTimeSpan A time interval.
wxURI Represents a Uniform Resource Identifier
wxVariant A class for storing arbitrary types that may change at run-time

Run-time class information system


wxWidgets supports run-time manipulation of class information, and dynamic creation of objects given class names.

wxClassInfo Holds run-time class information
wxObject Root class for classes with run-time information
RTTI macros Macros for manipulating run-time information

Logging features


wxWidgets provides several classes and functions for message logging. Please see the wxLog overview for more details.

wxLog The base log class
wxLogStderr Log messages to a C STDIO stream
wxLogStream Log messages to a C++ iostream
wxLogTextCtrl Log messages to a wxTextCtrl
wxLogWindow Log messages to a log frame
wxLogGui Default log target for GUI programs
wxLogNull Temporarily suppress message logging
wxLogChain Allows to chain two log targets
wxLogPassThrough Allows to filter the log messages
wxStreamToTextRedirector Allows to redirect output sent to cout to a wxTextCtrl
Log functions Error and warning logging functions

Debugging features


wxWidgets supports some aspects of debugging an application through classes, functions and macros.

wxDebugContext Provides memory-checking facilities
Debugging macros Debug macros for assertion and checking
WXDEBUG_NEW Use this macro to give further debugging information
wxDebugReport Base class for creating debug reports in case of a program crash.
wxDebugReportCompress Class for creating compressed debug reports.
wxDebugReportUpload Class for uploading compressed debug reports via HTTP.
wxDebugReportPreview Abstract base class for previewing the contents of a debug report.
wxDebugReportPreviewStd Standard implementation of wxDebugReportPreview.

Networking classes

wxWidgets provides its own classes for socket based networking.

wxDialUpManager Provides functions to check the status of network connection and to establish one
wxIPV4address Represents an Internet address
wxIPaddress Represents an Internet address
wxSocketBase Represents a socket base object
wxSocketClient Represents a socket client
wxSocketServer Represents a socket server
wxSocketEvent A socket event
wxFTP FTP protocol class
wxHTTP HTTP protocol class
wxURL Represents a Universal Resource Locator

Interprocess communication


wxWidgets provides simple interprocess communications facilities based on Windows DDE, but available on most platforms using TCP.

wxClient, wxDDEClient Represents a client
wxConnection, wxDDEConnection Represents the connection between a client and a server
wxServer, wxDDEServer Represents a server

Document/view framework


wxWidgets supports a document/view framework which provides housekeeping for a document-centric application.

wxDocument Represents a document
wxView Represents a view
wxDocTemplate Manages the relationship between a document class and a view class
wxDocManager Manages the documents and views in an application
wxDocChildFrame A child frame for showing a document view
wxDocParentFrame A parent frame to contain views

Printing framework


A printing and previewing framework is implemented to make it relatively straightforward to provide document printing facilities.

wxPreviewFrame Frame for displaying a print preview
wxPreviewCanvas Canvas for displaying a print preview
wxPreviewControlBar Standard control bar for a print preview
wxPrintDialog Standard print dialog
wxPageSetupDialog Standard page setup dialog
wxPrinter Class representing the printer
wxPrinterDC Printer device context
wxPrintout Class representing a particular printout
wxPrintPreview Class representing a print preview
wxPrintData Represents information about the document being printed
wxPrintDialogData Represents information about the print dialog
wxPageSetupDialogData Represents information about the page setup dialog

Drag and drop and clipboard classes

Drag and drop and clipboard overview

wxDataObject Data object class
wxDataFormat Represents a data format
wxTextDataObject Text data object class
wxFileDataObject File data object class
wxBitmapDataObject Bitmap data object class
wxURLDataObject URL data object class
wxCustomDataObject Custom data object class
wxClipboard Clipboard class
wxDropTarget Drop target class
wxFileDropTarget File drop target class
wxTextDropTarget Text drop target class
wxDropSource Drop source class

File related classes

wxWidgets has several small classes to work with disk files, see file classes overview for more details.

wxFileName Operations with the file name and attributes
wxDir Class for enumerating files/subdirectories.
wxDirTraverser Class used together with wxDir for recursively enumerating the files/subdirectories
wxFile Low-level file input/output class.
wxFFile Another low-level file input/output class.
wxTempFile Class to safely replace an existing file
wxTextFile Class for working with text files as with arrays of lines
wxStandardPaths Paths for standard directories

Stream classes

wxWidgets has its own set of stream classes, as an alternative to often buggy standard stream libraries, and to provide enhanced functionality.

wxStreamBase Stream base class
wxStreamBuffer Stream buffer class
wxInputStream Input stream class
wxOutputStream Output stream class
wxCountingOutputStream Stream class for querying what size a stream would have.
wxFilterInputStream Filtered input stream class
wxFilterOutputStream Filtered output stream class
wxBufferedInputStream Buffered input stream class
wxBufferedOutputStream Buffered output stream class
wxMemoryInputStream Memory input stream class
wxMemoryOutputStream Memory output stream class
wxDataInputStream Platform-independent binary data input stream class
wxDataOutputStream Platform-independent binary data output stream class
wxTextInputStream Platform-independent text data input stream class
wxTextOutputStream Platform-independent text data output stream class
wxFileInputStream File input stream class
wxFileOutputStream File output stream class
wxFFileInputStream Another file input stream class
wxFFileOutputStream Another file output stream class
wxTempFileOutputStream Stream to safely replace an existing file
wxStringInputStream String input stream class
wxStringOutputStream String output stream class
wxZlibInputStream Zlib and gzip (compression) input stream class
wxZlibOutputStream Zlib and gzip (compression) output stream class
wxZipInputStream Input stream for reading from ZIP archives
wxZipOutputStream Output stream for writing from ZIP archives
wxTarInputStream Input stream for reading from tar archives
wxTarOutputStream Output stream for writing from tar archives
wxSocketInputStream Socket input stream class
wxSocketOutputStream Socket output stream class

Threading classes

Multithreading overview

wxWidgets provides a set of classes to make use of the native thread capabilities of the various platforms.

wxThread Thread class
wxThreadHelper Manages background threads easily
wxMutex Mutex class
wxMutexLocker Mutex locker utility class
wxCriticalSection Critical section class
wxCriticalSectionLocker Critical section locker utility class
wxCondition Condition class
wxSemaphore Semaphore class

HTML classes

wxWidgets provides a set of classes to display text in HTML format. These class include a help system based on the HTML widget.

wxHtmlHelpController HTML help controller class
wxHtmlWindow HTML window class
wxHtmlEasyPrinting Simple class for printing HTML
wxHtmlPrintout Generic HTML wxPrintout class
wxHtmlParser Generic HTML parser class
wxHtmlTagHandler HTML tag handler, pluginable into wxHtmlParser
wxHtmlWinParser HTML parser class for wxHtmlWindow
wxHtmlWinTagHandler HTML tag handler, pluginable into wxHtmlWinParser

Rich text classes

wxWidgets provides a set of generic classes to edit and print simple rich text with character and paragraph formatting.

wxRichTextCtrl A rich text control.
wxRichTextBuffer The content of a rich text control.
wxRichTextAttr Attributes specifying rich text styling.
wxRichTextCharacterStyleDefinition Definition of character styling.
wxRichTextParagraphStyleDefinition Definition of paragraph styling.
wxRichTextListStyleDefinition Definition of list styling.
wxRichTextStyleSheet A set of style definitions.
wxRichTextStyleComboCtrl A drop-down control for applying styles.
wxRichTextStyleListBox A listbox for applying styles.
wxRichTextStyleOrganiserDialog A dialog that can be used for managing or browsing styles.
wxRichTextEvent A rich text event.
wxRichTextRange Specification for ranges in a rich text control or buffer.
wxRichTextFileHandler File handler base class.
wxRichTextHTMLHandler A handler for converting rich text to HTML.
wxRichTextXMLHandler A handler for loading and saving rich text XML.
wxRichTextFormattingDialog A dialog for rich text formatting.
wxRichTextPrinting A class for easy printing of rich text buffers.
wxRichTextPrintout A class used by wxRichTextPrinting.
wxRichTextHeaderFooterData Header and footer data specification.

Virtual file system classes

wxWidgets provides a set of classes that implement an extensible virtual file system, used internally by the HTML classes.

wxFSFile Represents a file in the virtual file system
wxFileSystem Main interface for the virtual file system
wxFileSystemHandler Class used to announce file system type

XML classes

wxXmlDocument A class to parse XML files.
wxXmlNode A class which represents XML nodes.
wxXmlProperty A class which represents XML properties.

XML-based resource system classes

XML-based resource system (XRC) overview

Resources allow your application to create controls and other user interface elements from specifications stored in an XML format.

wxXmlResource The main class for working with resources.
wxXmlResourceHandler The base class for XML resource handlers.

Online help

wxHelpController Family of classes for controlling help windows
wxHtmlHelpController HTML help controller class
wxContextHelp Class to put application into context-sensitive help mode
wxContextHelpButton Button class for putting application into context-sensitive help mode
wxHelpProvider Abstract class for context-sensitive help provision
wxSimpleHelpProvider Class for simple context-sensitive help provision
wxHelpControllerHelpProvider Class for context-sensitive help provision via a help controller
wxToolTip Class implementing tooltips

Database classes

Database classes overview

wxWidgets provides a set of classes for accessing Microsoft's ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) product, donated by Remstar. This is known as wxODBC.

wxDb ODBC database connection
wxDbTable Provides access to a database table


wxApp Application class
wxCaret A caret (cursor) object
wxCmdLineParser Command line parser class
wxConfig Classes for configuration reading/writing (using either INI files or registry)
wxDllLoader Class to work with shared libraries.
wxGLCanvas Canvas that you can render OpenGL calls to.
wxGLContext Class to ease sharing of OpenGL data resources.
wxLayoutAlgorithm An alternative window layout facility
wxProcess Process class
wxTimer Timer class
wxStopWatch Stop watch class
wxMimeTypesManager MIME-types manager class
wxSystemSettings System settings class for obtaining various global parameters
wxSystemOptions System options class for run-time configuration
wxAcceleratorTable Accelerator table
wxAutomationObject OLE automation class
wxFontMapper Font mapping, finding suitable font for given encoding
wxEncodingConverter Encoding conversions
wxCalendarDateAttr Used with wxCalendarCtrl
wxQuantize Class to perform quantization, or colour reduction
wxSingleInstanceChecker Check that only single program instance is running